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10 Surprising Things Only Best Friends Understand

Top 10 Things surprisingly only your Best Friends Understand

Do you and your best friend have your own language? Probably its a yes, there are a dozen of things that only our best friends understand. As Friendship Day is approaching on 7th August, everyone seem absolutely excited to get something for their friends. But the time that you spend with them is prodigiously precious. That’s why we would like to list out 10 things only best friends understand.

#1. Quiet Understanding

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You communicate within groups and have loads of conversations and suddenly you say something that no one understands except your Best Friend. You look at each other with that quiet smile recalling what had actually happened.

We are quite sure that this would have taken place with you too where you say something and your best friend understands it.

#2. Your Mood

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This is something everyone has. Some are absolute moody. Your best friends understand every inch of it of what you want, what you have gone through and get you on track by cracking silly things that eventually make you smile.

In this case, even your parents can fail to convince you but your best friends totally have the power to change your mood and no one else.

#3. Sacred Belief

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You have stories that no one would believe, even your parents laugh at your story but its your Best friend who listens to it thouroughly, believes in you and provides a helping hand in need.

Yeah! this is the case of many. Its a sacred belief no matter what bullsh!t anyone has said about it before.

#4. Defending Lie

Maybe Reaction Gif

You must have got many friends who argue with their friends on a thing even though he or she not knowing anything about it. We understand that our friends telling a lie to win him or her over the situation and even after knowing it, we get involved in their talk and take our friends side and defend him or her.

This is surely going to be one of your experiences. We defend our best friends’ lie about things that only best friend understand.

#5. Hidden Emotion

Nodding Face reaction Gif Hiding Emotions

People don’t express their emotions in front of normal friends. That’s pretty obvious as that being too personal. But when we hide our emotions, by inserting a smiling layer to it, other friends feel that we are perfectly fine. But its that Best friend who quickly understands something wrong with us and takes us aside for a talk.

One of the most experienced thing of your life box. You just cannot hide your emotions from your Best friends.

#6. Facial Reaction Verdict

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When we get to know that the person we hate is present around us. Our body posture, our face reaction suddenly changes. Now here the thing is no one would get to know about the fact that you have seen someone whom you hate but your best friend would definitely understand about the fact that you are not happy to see him/her.

#7. Dating Tragedy

Girl Boy reaction gf

Your best friend understands better when everything you have tried for impressing dozens of girls or boys have failed and you now would certainly think of dating and marrying your best friend (opposite gender)

This is something we have experienced where a boy which is our best friend fails to convince many girls for marriage or a date and finally he comes at a point where he think of dating his best friend (girl) who perhaps don’t think similar. Here we understand him in every way.

#8. Crazy Deja vu

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When you see someone doing crazy things in front of you with their friends and you and your best friend smile together recalling the same memory of you both doing the same.

Crazy experiences do make us secure thousands of memories with our friends. This situation is one of them.

#9. Verge of Failure to Success

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When you see your best friend trying to flirt with someone but the situation doesn’t turn out your friends way. You understand the situation and give her tips from where she can she you but her crush won’t.

You have seen many of your friends trying to do something but they fail to get those things and finally your help comes into picture that changes the possible outcome.

#10. Ultimate Secret

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No one in your friend circle knows from where your best friend has come from, except you who certainly knows where he was been and with whom 😛

Share it with your similar Best Friends and enjoy the memories. 😀

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